At Ranelagh School, we believe that students in our care need, not only the knowledge and skills for academic achievement, but also to develop traits that will help them prepare for the future.

The Ranelagh Student Learner Profile qualities therefore underpin everything that we do at Ranelagh and are an integral part of our culture and ethos.


















Ranelagh School Learner Profile Ambassadors 2018/2019


Required for June start, we are seeking to appoint a group of enthusiastic students who would like to be the Ambassadors for the RSLP in 2018/19.

So far this year the Ambassadors have been involved in the introduction day for the Year 7 students where they ran a training session on RSLP.  They have also started links with departments to develop RSLP in the school.

If you have a very good knowledge and understanding of the RSLP attributes and you are confident you can develop the profile of the RSLP across the school we would welcome an application from you.

If you are interested in learning more about the position, please contact the RSLP Ambassadors via the email

Applications will be considered upon receipt.


Ranelagh School Learner Profile Ambassador Job description

Ranelagh School Learner Profile Ambassador Application