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Sports Day – Friday 3rd July 2015

Dear Parents

Ref: Arrangements for Sports Day

As you will be aware tomorrow morning the school is scheduled to hold its annual sports day at Bracknell Sports Centre. Throughout the week we have been monitoring the weather forecast in order to make appropriate arrangements for competitors and spectators. Latest reports indicate that it will be another very hot and sunny day tomorrow with temperatures above those we have experienced today.

Those of you who are familiar with the facilities at the sports centre will be aware that space in the shade is very limited. In view of this, we have taken the decision that for this year sports day will be a competitor-only event, which will enable all students taking part in races to have access to adequate shade and water in the grandstand when they are not competing. Students not participating in events will remain in school throughout the day where they, too, have ready access adequate shade and water.

I appreciate that it is disappointing that students will be unable to spectate on this occasion, but I am sure that we all wish the competitors a thoroughly enjoyable morning.

Thank you for your support this week in ensuring your children attend school with water and sunscreen. Uniform rules have been relaxed, especially for boys wearing ties and jackets, and this will continue throughout the very warm weather.

Yours sincerely

Mrs B Stevens