Whilst education is about so much more than examination success we remain proud of our tradition of academic achievement particularly in an ever-changing educational landscape.

Key Stage 4

Performance Measure
Progress 8 Score 0.41 +0.38 +0.24*
Attainment 8 Score 60.9 58.21 54.24*
% students attaining 4+ in English and Maths 87% 88% 82%
% students attaining 5+ in English and Maths N/A 74% 57%
% students attaining 7+ in English and Maths 26% 29% 25%
% students achieving the English Baccalaureate 54% 31% 34%
Student destinations % students who continue in education or training,
or move on to employment.
99% 99% 98%

* Unvalidated scores

In addition 32% of all GCSE grades awarded to Ranelagh students were A/A* or 7-9 (compared to a national figure of 20.5%) and 36 students achieved six or more grades at A/A* including English and Mathematics; which is a fantastic achievement.


Number of students 96 102 95
Average Point Score per student 770.54 (C+) 35.69 (B-) 33.59 (C+)
A* grades 9.3% 10.3% 6%
A*-A grades 27.4% 26.7% 21%
A*-C grades 78.3% 82.4% 78%

In addition, this year 12% of students in year 13 achieved grades AAB or better and six students achieved three or more grades at A and A*.

The school has an excellent record of destinations figures.  In 2018, 74% of our year 13 students will continue onto higher education courses.  Most will take up their university places in September 2018 though some have chosen to do so following a gap year.  It is worth noting that 22% of the cohort have secured places at Russell Group Universities.  Courses selected range from Economics, English, Geography and Mathematics to Forensic Chemistry, Paleontology, Fashion, Film Studies and Paramedic Science.

For those students who have chosen not to attend university some have taken up high-quality apprenticeships in accountancy, business and engineering.  Others have gone into employment or are taking an opportunity to undertake voluntary work or travel as part of a gap-year.


Performance Tables

Ranelagh DfE school performance tables