Year 7 literacy and numeracy catch-up premium


This fund has been allocated to named pupils who fulfil one or more of the following criteria:

  • Have not attained level 4 in reading and /or mathematics at Key Stage 2 as identified by the national curriculum tests
  • Have not attained level 4 by Key Stage 2 teacher assessment

The funding arrives part the way through the academic year and so Year 7 pupils continue to receive ‘interventions’ into year 8.

The current Year 7 Catch-up funding of £6,500 which was received in March 2015 will be used to provide:

  • Targeted one-to-one or small group sessions. Initially 10 hours and following a review up to another 5 if required.

All Tutors are interviewed by a member of SLT and given clear guidance on their role.

Tutors are asked to liaise with subject teachers to identify areas of weakness and curriculum coverage.

Students are removed from one lesson a week (rotated fortnightly) and this will not affect English or Maths lessons.

If a student qualifies for other intervention strategies for example, through Pupil Premium funding, where possible the same Tutor is used to ensure continuity and sometimes Catch-up is scheduled for after school to avoid a student missing too many lessons.

Some students qualify for Catch-up Maths and English. They receive lessons from only one subject Tutor per week and these are delivered in concurrent weeks to encourage consolidation of learning.

Tuition mainly takes place in 02 where there are appropriate resources e.g. books for reluctant readers, maths puzzles/problems or in the interview room.

Evaluating the effectiveness

In March 2014 the school received £8,500 which was used as above.

What evaluation measures do we use?

Internal progress and attainment data

  • 60% made at least two sublevel gains in English
  • 66% made at least two sublevel gains in Maths
  • 90% were on level 4 by Spring term of year 8 in English
  • 60% were on level 4 by Spring term of year 8 in Maths

Across the two subjects 1 student increased 4 sublevels, 2 students increased 3 sublevels, 7 students increased 2 sublevels, 5 students increased 1 sublevel and 1 student remained the same.

Part of the role of One to One tutoring (funded by this Catch up fund) is to gain trust and instill confidence in students. This scheme enables students to develop a positive attitude to school and a confident attitude towards learning. Tutors liaise with subject teachers regarding task management and the progress of the students and future intervention strategies are developed through a dialogue between them both.